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How do I register a domain

Search for your domain on WEBYNAME‘s homepage in the domain search field. When you find the domain you want and it’s available to register, add it to the cart and complete checkout.

WEBYNAME offers hundreds of domain extensions for registration, and you might be familiar with some of the more popular extensions, like .com, .net and .info. But there are hundreds of other domains available, such as .design, .shop and .today. These are known as gTLDs, or generic top-level domains, and refer to the extension at the ending of a website address, like .com, .org or .net. Generic top-level domains can be registered and used by anyone and aren’t restricted to a geographical region.

ccTLDs, or country-code top-level domains, are unique to different countries, such as .uk for the United Kingdom, .jp for Japan, and .au for Australia. Some ccTLDs have residency restrictions, such as requiring registrants to live or be located in a specific country or region. Other ccTLDs, like .it for Italy, allow anyone to register them, but require a trustee service if the registrant is not located in a specified country or region. Finally, some ccTLDs can be registered by anyone, such for Colombia, which has no residency requirements at all.

There are also rTLDs, or restricted top-level domains, like .aero, .edu, .mil, .museum, .name and .pro. These domains require the registrant to represent a certain type of entity, or to belong to a certain community. For example, the .name TLD is reserved for individuals, and .edu is reserved for educational entities.

Take a look at the domain extensions currently available to register through WEBYNAME and find the one that works best for your online venture.


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